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We are not just a company but a group of people who only aim to give you the best of each penny you spend. Our rates are the lowest in the industry and our services are best. With our personalized touch for each client, our major parts of business are Repeat Customers. Our network is spread all across the country which helps us deliver you the maximum we have. Just talk about any tour package or transportation and we have the right deal for you! Far away from the crowds, there is nothing that can come between you and nature at Himalaya Darshan resort Kausani. Plan a perfect family holiday with Oak, Rhododendron, Lime and Pear for company amidst tranquil ambience .

At Himalaya Darshan resort Kausani, wake up to the sounds of birds, listen to the gurgling waterfall and sleeping to the sounds of the crickets punctuating the night with their rhythmic songs. Himalaya Darshan resort Kausani a unique location with stunning Himalayan views and hundreds of acres of untouched forests all around. Just perfect for savouring Kausani’s exquisite calm atmosphere. With this word and this very beautiful gesture India welcomes you. Another culture, another world, the vacations, a time to live, which will be an experience, something that you will never forget. This subcontinent is a mixture of races, people, languages, customs and traditions.

The people, the color, the aroma of spices, the souvenirs of the past and the present time have an immense charm. And a grand attraction for both the inhabitants and the visitors. This is the magic of India. From the beaches of South, to the steps of the Himalayas, across the desert of Thar and the valley of Ganges, you will discover a fabulous country.

  • The diversity of its people, their profound philosophy, the warmth of their smiles will make of your stay an enchantment. You have the desire to see and know India? Come, the country awaits you and welcomes you.


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